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Protect the Net
The internet is the most democratizing entity that the world has ever known. It gives every individual the opportunity to express their thought and ideas. Increasingly, governments and corporations will seek to control what information we have access to as we are able to rely less and less on centralized authorities as our source of truth in the world. We must maintain resilience to any powers that will try to censor and restrict our right free and open sources of information. Organizations such as Fight for the Future and the Electronic Frontier Foundation continue to push for net neutrality. This was my very first motion graphic design explainer completed as my Visual Communication Design thesis project at Arizona State University in 2015.
2D, Animation, Design, Motion
After Effects, Illustrator
Gabe seeks contracts from businesses and studios with an awe for the current age and a hunger to advance their integrated campaigns and digital content. Please reach out via the form below.
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