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June 6, 2022


Bitcoin and open-source fundamentally challenge the current world order. In July of 2021, I wrote about fostering an unconstrained vision to build the Bitcoin Metaverse. Coming to a deeper understanding of the powers that be has forced me to reconsider what exactly the metaverse means for humanity. Augmented reality, data collection, digital twins, internet, gaming, smart contracts, tokenization and psychological operations all leading to the emergence of the Global Brain. What this means for society and how one will relate to the new paradigm is something that every person needs to consider for themselves.  I see a move away from the primacy of nation states to a neo-feudalism with supremacy given to private side of the public/private relationship. How will designers choose to operate in this landscape?

The legacy of Mark Lombardi is inspirational. What he was able to accomplish with pencil and paper was astounding. With the technology of today and the ease of access to information, there is no excuse to not continue in his fearless pursuit of truth. The Fascist Network is becoming Lombardi Social.


A Different Approach to Measuring Open Source Community Health
A Finishing Artist’s Journey to NAB 2022
An Evolving Strategy For The Emergent Metaverse: A Web3 Manifesto For Brands And Artists
Andreessen Horowitz Launches a $600m Fund for Gaming Investments
Apple's Director Leaves the Company Due to Its Return-to-Office Policy
Atelier d’Alves
Bauhaus Typography at 100 Exhibition
Brown University Researchers Open Source Mobile AR Hand-Object Interaction Library
Bungie Acquisition Will Help Sony Become More Multiplatform
Buying Authenticity: Inside the World of the Paid Crypto Shills
Creativity is Streetsmarts
Decrypt raises $10M for Publication Covering the Crypto Economy
Disguise Opens Metaverse Solutions Division for XR, Expands Labs
EDC Snapchat Lens
Elden Ring Sales Surpass 13.4 Million Copies
Emerging Digital Twins Standards Promote Interoperability
Former OpenSea Employee Arrested, Charged with NFT Insider Trading
Gaming Investments Amounted to $3.5bn in Q1 2022
Genshin Impact Creator Reveals New ARPG Zenless Zone Zero
Genshin Impact Hits $3 Billion in Global Spending on Mobile
Gigapixel AI 6.1
Google Previews ‘Prototype’ Glasses For Live AR Translation
How Designers Can Help Brands to Stand Out by Tearing Up the Rule Book
How Microsoft Plans to Improve the Low-Code Landscape
How Technology Turns Retail Into a Data-Driven Industry: Real-World Cases and Trends
IBM CEO Says Generalized AI ‘Still A Long Time Away,’ Wants Focus On Near-Term Value
Journey Acquires Firms to Redesign XR, CX Future
Kinetix Uses No-Code AI to Create 3D Animations, Secures $11M
Making Sense of VRChat, the "Metaverse" People Actually Like
Mark Zuckerberg’s Project Cambria Demo Shows Off Its Full-Color Passthrough
More Than 3,000 People Are Working on Call of Duty
Newzoo: Gaming Market Will Reach $203.1 Billion in 2022
NFT Sales Declined 92% Since Its Peak in September 2021
NVIDIA will Present a Record 16 Research Papers at SIGGRAPH 2022
Open 3D Foundation Releases Open 3D Engine 22.05
OpenBCI and Varjo Partner to Bring Neurotechnology to Spatial Computing
PUBG Mobile Has Generated Over $8 Billion
Q1 2022 Was the Most Profitable in the History of Paradox Interactive
Riot Games Welcomes Former Netflix, HBO Max & Paramount Execs
Riot's MMO Producer: The Game Will Respect Players' Time
SaaS Observability Company Observe Nabs $70M
SaaS Payments Infrastructure Company Paddle Raises $200M
SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 55 – Holography and Light Field Lab
Square Enix To Establish and Acquire More Studios
Stardew Valley Has Sold Over 20 Million Copies
The Great Resignation and Its Unintended Consequences for IT
The Hard Truths About Web3: What No One Else is Talking About
The Power of Building Meaningful Connections Through Social Creativity
The SIGGRAPH 2022 Committee Is Evolving the Conference Experience
Web3 Gaming Is An Evolution, Not A Revolution
What Will the Metaverse ‘Actually’ Look Like in 5 Years? This Studio May Have Cracked It
What Would Orwell Think of Big Tech vs Gaming?
Why glTF is the JPEG for the Metaverse and Digital Twins
Why More Businesses Are Considering Ending the 40-Hour Work Week


A Futuristic Warrior Girl Made in ZBrush, Maya & 3DS Max
A Photorealistic Railway Station Made With Camera Matching & UE5
A Red Dead Redemption-Style Scene Made With Megascans & UE5
Advanced Grooming Tips and Houdini to Unreal Engine Tutorial
C4D R26 / Redshift 3.5 - New Standard Material Workflow
C4DQuickTip 36: How to Use the Bridge Tool's Normal Modes in Cinema 4D
Character Articulation Through Profile Curves
Cool Mechanical Warriors Made in ZBrush & KeyShot
Create a Sci-Fi Landscape in C4D S26 with Redshift 3.5 - 3D Environment Tutorial
Creating a Photorealistic Girl with Mouse Ears in ZBrush, Maya & Marvelous Designer
Creating an Angel Statue Using Photogrammetry, ZBrush & Marmoset Toolbag
Creating Varied Textures Easily on these Free Geometry Nodes Floors
Eddie Redmayne Gave the Animation Team Direct Feedback on How to Perform Limbic Mimicry on Manticores
From Severance to Tokyo Vice: It’s a Golden Age for Title Sequences
Houdini - Redshift - Spiderweb - Project Walkthrough
How BBC One’s New Idents Were Made
Imaginary Forces Serves Up Something Sweet with Candy Main Title
Making a Medieval Food Stall in Maya, Substance 3D & UE4
Mograph Style Blend Shapes In Geometry Nodes
New Pixel Lab Products at Toolfarm
Ninety Days in Unreal Engine 5: An Amazing Project by Quixel
Real People Recreated in 3D With Maya, ZBrush & Substance 3D Painter
Realistic Moss Created With UE5's Nanite
Rombo Tools, the Most Advanced Shading Nodes For Arnold
Simple and Realistic Exterior Lighting in Redshift for 3DS Max Using Dome Light and HDRIs
VFX Essentials - Attribute Growth / Propagation - Houdini Tutorial
We're Going Back to Basics—Color Grading 101 in 2022
Working with Redshift’s AOVs


Backend Basics: RESTful API (API, REST, Methods, JSON, Examples)
Behind the Pretty Frames: Elden Ring
Building an Open Source Blogging Platform with Appwrite and Hugo
Cache a Response in Vercel Using SSR and Serverless Functions in SvelteKit
Client-Side Routing vs. Server-Side Routing with React Router
Create a Satisfying Wavy Text Animation With Framer Motion
Data Fetching in React.js
Data Visualization Using Chart.js and Gatsby
Designing Data-Intensive Applications CH7 - Transactions
Google’s New AI: Flying Through Virtual Worlds! 🕊️
Graphics Programming Weekly - Issue 233 - May 1, 2022
Graphics Programming Weekly - Issue 235 - May 15, 2022
Graphics Programming Weekly - Issue 236 - May 22, 2022
Introducing Flutter 3
Introduction to WebGL Using Threejs
React Scroll Animations with Framer Motion
Revisiting Past Programming… ACM SIGGRAPH YouTube Highlights
Running Production-Grade Databases on Kubernetes: Challenges and Solutions
Scrum Framework for Beginners: Setting Roles, Components and Methodology
Speed Up Web Scraping with Concurrency in Python
Svelte-Cubed: Loading Your glTF Models
The New GitHub Issues – May 5th Update
Today’s Most Common Security Vulnerabilities Explained
Visually Building Websites
What Are the Security Risks of Open Sourcing the Twitter Algorithm?
Why You Should Ditch Create-React-App for Vite


A Simple Roadmap for Defining and Planning Your Next Product
A11Y 101: Type of Users and How They Interact
Becoming a UX Writer: A Journey Without Experience
Boosting UX With Design KPIs
Brutalist Web Design Inspiration
Can Fonts Really Affect Our Feelings?
Daily Web Design Inspirations, May 5
Dear Designers, Get Uncomfortable
Design Degree or Not, Know How to Become a Self-Taught Product Designer
Eight Laws of UX that Uber Follows
Empower Product Teams with Product Outcomes, Not Business Outcomes
Examining the Collaboration Between Our Product Managers and Product Designers
Five Universal Icons You Intuitively Understand
Get Your Portfolio in Front of Senior Designers and Hiring Managers
Growing The Sandbox: When Do Designers and Engineers Get to Play Together?
Hiring and Retaining UX Teams During the Great Resignation
How to Influence the Product Roadmap as a Product Designer
How to Make Interactive Inputs with Figma and ProtoPie
How to Overcome the Most Common Dilemma of Product Designers?
I’m a UX Writer. Here’s How I Work with PMs and Designers.
Learning to Design “About Us” Pages Can Teach You How to Establish Trust and Credibility
Let’s Make Netflix More Social — A Netflix Case Study
Let’s Think About Exclusion Rather Than Inclusion
Mimicking Real-World in UX Design: Skeuomorphism
My Product Management Toolkit: Behavioral Diagnosis
Online Whiteboarding Platform Miro Unveils New Tools to Strengthen Hybrid Work
Overcoming Research Silo by Creating a Centralized Research Repository for a Decentralized Design Team
Product and UX Design Deliverables to Include in Your Portfolio
Product Design at Palantir: Q&A With the Team
Stop it With the Product Animations: An Open Letter to UX Designers Working in Fashion Ecommerce
Stop Trying to Be an Expert
Switching from Graphics to UX: How I’ve Changed as a Designer
Systems Thinking is What Makes Designers Great
The ‘Junior Product Designer’ Dilemma
The “Dark Yellow Problem” in Design System Color Palettes
The Designer’s Nightmare Are Not Engineers, It’s Greedy Decision Makers Who Lack Empathy
The Era of Rebellious Web Design Is Here
The Neue Brutalism Trend is Taking Over the Design World in 2022
The Seven Dimensions of a Project-to-Product Transformation
The Treachery of Interfaces
Tiktok is Not a Spaceship : On the Confusion Over Tiktok and Jacob’s Law
UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #24
UI Interactions of the Week #311
UI Interactions of the Week #312
UI Interactions of the Week #313
UI Treachery, New Figma Features, Ambivert Researchers, Motion Tools
UI/UX Design: The Problem with Personas
Understanding the Business Model of Two Sided Marketplaces
Validating Product Ideas Early and Quickly
WCAG 2.2 is Delayed Again and I’m Okay With That
What Is an Input Map and Why It Is Important for Product Designers to Create It
Why 1 Good UX Is Worth 5 Engineers w/ Toast's Brad Pielech
Why So Many Luxury Brands Are Terrible at Ecommerce
You Can't Impose Joy (UX Slogan #3)

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