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Gabriel Vincent Moon
April 4, 2022

One full year of ADVANCE DESIGN and 22 MARCH has the best content yet. With the amount of expert teaching on every topic, it is currently the best moment in history to be a digital designer. What is now required is not access to resources, but a disciplined, effective and focused approach to learning.

As a product noob, the first steps in developing the Fascist Network have been eye-opening. Questions of data structures, site generation and frameworks had never crossed my mind. Without a dedicated developer, my shortcomings are apparent. But through the process, I am becoming a stronger product designer.

What most fascinated me in March was Umberto Eco’s Towards a Guerilla Semiological Warfare. The Phoenix Institute of Guerilla Semiotics was on the ground for First Friday here in Arizona exposing the theocratic agenda of the “Christian right” after the passing of a group of bills designed to exacerbate left/right dialectic tensions preceding the 2022 mid-term elections. While the Network attempts to affect politics via digital means, the Institute is in the streets.


2022 Unity for Humanity Grant Winners
Activision Blizzard settles sexual harassment lawsuit for $18M
Adobe Announces a Series of Innovations That Would Fuel the Metaverse
Apple Urges Court to Dismiss Epic's "Unfounded" Antitrust Allegations
Arizona State Launching New VR/AR Classes, Nonny De La Peña To Helm
Autodesk to acquire The Wild—popular immersive technologies software firm
Avalanche Studios Vets Establish a New Studio Elemental Games
Bohemia Interactive on Enfusion Engine
Celebrating Cinematography: This Year’s ASC Award Winners
Celebrating Editing: This Year’s ACE Eddie Winners
Cloud Gaming Market Value Grew to $3.7bn in 2021
Consumer Spending on Mobile Games Reached $22bn in Q1 2022
Creative studio to train university students in virtual production as industry demand grows
Disney Has Suddenly Edited Out Some Scenes of Violence from Marvel Shows on Its Streaming App
Elden Ring Sales Hit 12 Million Worldwide
Epic Games acquires online music platform Bandcamp
Facebook’s Metaverse Vision Questioned by Gaming Veteran
Feds Reportedly Investigating Three Activision Blizzard Shareholders
Gaming Investments Reached Record $38.5bn in 2021
GDC 2022 drew 12K attendees in person and 5K online
Gender Diversity in Broadcast Technology: How are Vendors and Organizations Responding?
Goodbye vanity metrics, hello mindshare: How to get readers to sit up and pay attention
Infighting in Academy Grows After Broadcast Changes Sideline Artists
Lost Ark Hits 20 Million Global Players
Mark Zuckerberg Confirmed that Instagram Is Adding NFTs Soon
Maxon at NAB Show 2022
Moon Studios is called an ‘oppressive’ place to work
Meta Is Offering Training & $500,000 Rewards To Horizon Worlds Creators
Motion Picture Sound Editors’ 69th Annual Golden Reel Awards
Netflix Appoints Roberto Barrera as Head of Gaming Strategy
NVIDIA CEO Says the Hacker Attack was a Wake-Up Call
NVIDIA releases the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti
Qualcomm Launches $100M Fund to Help Build the Metaverse
Ronin Network - REKT for ~$624M
Sarofsky Promotes Steven Anderson, Adds Rising Design, Animation, and Production Talents
Snap Acquires "Mind-Reading" Headband Maker NextMind
Sound Mixing: 58th Annual CAS Award Winners
State of Unreal Event Announced
Streaming Channels Are At War—But Who's Winning?
Team17 Hits £90 Million Revenues in 2021
Tencent Gaming Revenue Reached $27 Billion in 2021
The Analog Years of Computer Animation
The Giant Keeps Growing: Amazon Closes $8.5 Billion Acquisition of MGM
The NFT Market is Unravelling
The Oscar Win for 'CODA' Could Mean Streamers Are About to Spend Billions on Movies
Unity report: Number of games made with Unity grew 93% in 2021
Virtual sales experiences jumped a whopping 368% last year
Visual Effects Society Announces Winners of the 20th Annual VES Awards
Wendy’s Is Opening A VR Restaurant In Horizon Worlds
XR pioneer calls for metaverse regulation


3DCoat 2022 Released
A 3D Portrait of a Woman Made in Unreal Engine 5
A Cool Stylized Gun Made in Blender & Substance 3D Painter
A Stunning Face Study in Blender Cycles and Krita
Advanced Technique For Instant Cinematic Lighting
Animate Vellum Inflating With Houdini
Arnold Tutorial - Head clipping effect using the toon and clip_geo shaders
Autodesk Reveals Maya 2023's Features
Battle Axe ButtCapper for After Effects
Becoming a Shader Artist & Making Volumetric Fog in Unreal Engine
Blender Lighting Tutorial for 3D Beginners - Learn how to Light
Cinema 4D Python Bytes: The Power of Lists - They are Your Best Friend
Cinema 4D Tutorial - Octane Light Basics (Light Series #1)
Cinema 4D Tutorial - Procedural Slushy (Octane)
Colorist Chat: AFX Creative Colorist Derek Hansen
CozyBlanket: An Upcoming Retopology Tool for iPad
Create ZBRUSH Alphas
Creating a promo for “Narcos”
Creating a World of Warcraft-Inspired Character in ZBrush & Marmoset
Creating an Abandoned Environment Entirely in Unreal Engine 5
Creating an Ancient Hideout in Photoshop and Unreal Engine 5
Creativity & Career with Klaus Scherwinski: Art & Animation Summit
De-ageing, destruction and other digital effects in ‘The Adam Project’
Digital Domain’s VFX breakdown for ‘No Way Home’
Dune 2021: VFX Breakdown
Everything you need to know about UV Mapping
Gilded Age World Building
Great Photogrammetry Software and YouTube Channels
Guillermo del Toro Unlocks His Underrated Skill of Layering Visual Motifs
Hot March Openings for Environment and Concept Artists
Houdini for MoGraph | Houdini 19
How 'The Batman' Cinematographer Greig Fraser Uses Simplicity to Bring the Dark Knight to Life
How Cooke Optics Plans to Shake Up Cinematography with Its New S8/i Full Frame Spherical Lenses
How you can get access to these Hollywood-style digital make-up effects
INSYDIUM Fused – New Taiao + TerraformFX & Mesh Tools Update
JangaFX Releases EmberGen
KeyShot 11.1 Now Available
Learn Directing with Paul Thomas Anderson, Steven Spielberg, Jane Campion, Denis Villeneuve, and Kenneth Branagh
Learn from This Outpouring of Post-Production Creativity at SXSW 2022
Maxon 3D & Motion Design Show March 2022
Oscar-Winning Costume Designer Ruth Carter Shares Her Creative Process
Pixar’s Danielle Feinberg on the studio’s new tech in ‘Turning Red’
Screenwriting Tips from Best Screenplay Oscar Nominees and Winners of 2022
Skip the Artschool Circus with Ryan Kingslien
Substance 3D News From GDC 2022
Subtle mistakes to avoid in character animation
Untangling ACES & Redshift
V-Ray for Cinema 4D: Beginner’s Guide to Interior Design Rendering
VFX Futures: The virtual production behind the pirate ship scenes in ‘Our Flag Means Death’
VFX-Oscar nominated films. 5 eps of VFX Notes


Agile scrum methodology and the benefits to software development teams
Angular Web Development In 2022: Top Features & Benefits
Appropriate application back-end of your technological stack
Backend and Real-Time Database For React JS
Books to Read as a Developer
Build Modern Laravel Apps Using Inertia.js
Building a realtime multiplayer game using React & CRDTs of Yjs
Building an Interactive Sparkline Graph with D3
Conquering JavaScript Hydration
Create a P2P Network with Node from Scratch
CRUD Automation and Low-Code
Deploy Your Node.js (or any) Apps to Dark Web
Essential Cryptography for JavaScript Developers
Frontend Rendering: SSG vs ISG vs SSR vs CSR
Generate monthly chart data with Eloquent & Carbon
Getting Started with Storing Vue Data in Vuex
Git, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket
Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 228 - March 27, 2022
How to Create Bullseye Chart with JS
How to solve a coding problem
Intermediate & Advanced Python Projects
Learn the MERN stack by building an Instagram clone
Massively improved website performance by using the right tool for the job
Microservice Orchestration vs. Choreography
Quick and Easy Deployment with Vercel
Raytraced global illumination denoising
React 18 Broke Your App
React.js Development: The Good, the Bad, & the Not So Bad
Redux is easier than you think
Replicating the Interweave Shape Animation with Three.js
Resilience and Best Patterns in Microservice Architecture
SOLID principles and other software development principles
Speed Needs Design: You can’t delight users you’ve annoyed
SSG: Static site generation explained with Next.js
Svelte - Stop Overcomplicating Web Development
Technical and career developer events I loved in 2022
The Art of Cameras in 3D Games
The Best Single Page Application Framework of 2022
The Paradigm Shift of Business Models in the Data Space is Real
Top 15 News APIs In The Market In 2022
Top 8 Data Visualization Tools for UX Designers in 2022
Transforming “noise” and random variables through non-linearities
Two of IBM’s trailblazing designs recognized as a 2022 AI Excellence Awards Winner
Unity, A Closer Look at Multiplayer
VR/AR Experiences From SXSW 2022
Vue 3 Composables for a Third-Party API Integration
WebAssembly for Front End Devs
Webflow vs WordPress: What Should You Build Your Website With?
What Devs Need To Teach CEOs About AI w/ Lexion’s Emad Elwany
What is a Git-based CMS?
What Is The Difference Between Web Scraping And API
When and why to migrate from spreadsheet to a database
Why Learn Next.js? Why do React Developers Love Next?
Why You Should Be Worried About the Future of C/C++ in Embedded
Why You Should Use Low Code Tools to Build Your SaaS
Why You Should Use React for Web Development
Will WebAssembly replace JavaScript?
Writing Architecture Decision Records


A detailed guide to colors in data vis style guides
About risk in product development
Advice for future UX designers
Agree, Disagree, Iterate: Product Dialectics
Applying Psychology to UX Research
Architecture & autocracy
Back to basics: What did Victor Papanek leave for UX designers in “Design for Real Word”?
Blooming bar charts: The growth of the data visualization industry
Building Design Systems with Atomic Design
Dark patterns that complicate our lives
Empathy: Immersive Medium vs Storytelling
Fractal creativity, Figma spinner, beyond UX deliverables, Framer tips
From development and into product management
Help launch UX Philosophy by joining Medium
How Elden Ring Ignores 20 Years of Open-World Design
How I do app critique for a product design interview
How Instagram’s UX Algorithm Fosters Negative Effects On Mental Health In Young Adults
How UX design solves business problems
I just reviewed 370 UX applications
Information Architecture in UX Design
Is UX Design Too Saturated?
Keeping Your Team on the Same Page with Internal Communications Governance
Lean chaos. My encounter with agile
Making Product Strategy Simple
On disruption and complacency in design
Personas Aren’t Just Fictional Characters
Postit® designers, UX longtermism, skill maps, decolonizing type
Prototyping Q&A with David Goligorsky
Red flags? Things to check in your design interviews and why
Redesigning our product design hiring process
Stop adding features to your product. Start crafting behaviors.
Technical Writing: A Developer's Guide to Storytelling
The 3 most timeless pieces of advice you should embrace to advance as a UX designer
The best design system is no system
The Pen Problem: The PO and Quality
The Problems with UI Design in Mobile Games Dev
The UX con artist’s guide to common dark patterns
Top 20 Digital Product Observations
UI Interactions of the week #304
UX Designers Vs Developers: Why do we earn less than developers?
UX writing tips that will make your customers love your product
What is the antidote to a reactive product strategy?
When Scrum Isn’t Enough. Major Principles and Benefits of Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD)
Where data falls short
Why we need to get rid of significance in A/B testing

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