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July 6, 2022

There is no limit of teaching in the fields of motion, product and user experience, but the myopic focus on techniques, processes and skills leaves a void. Why are we building what we are building? What are we working towards?

The pandemic accelerated interest in remote work and cryptocurrency. This brings one to question the power of the public/private relationship of business and government to impose economic controls to direct the populace's energy. This is accomplished primarily through psychological operations and narrative control. The current battlefield occupies cyberspace. How does the designer grasp with the psychic realities of metaversal warfare?

How is visual communication design reconciled with the fields of policy informatics, global security and competitive statecraft? Entirely new sovereign economic communities are being built using blockchain. How will these states operate in their fight for supremacy over nations?

While everyone in the United States is distracted with the Supreme Court, 'school choice' reform is coming heavy. Playing a dialectic between 'community' and ‘private', the powers that be are preparing the new generation for immersion into a tokenized world through new e-learning curriculum. Data collection and the construction of personal profiles with skills based soul-bound badges will turn humans into commodities that can be bought, sold and bet against. The corporate metaverse is anti-life. No one can deny that this dystopian future is something that the vast majority of people are unaware of and have not opted in to.

This trajectory is not new. With my writing, I want to contribute to a mature understanding of the factors that have lead design to its current state and the role it has played in furthering the tech ideology through an examination of historical currents.

I want to use design to get closer to truth, when the structures of authority and rule want to use design to manipulate and control with selected truth. How does one grapple with this morally?


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