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February 14, 2022

Line Goes Up is a must watch to understand the obstacles the NFT scene must overcome to be considered a legitimate economy to participate in.

This month, I am completing two interaction design portfolio pieces: Fascist Network and UTXO Land. In addition to getting those projects online, I  will increase my writing efforts, working on the numerous blog prompts I began last year. To accomplish this goal, I have set aside specific time for the process of writing. Concluding my blog on repositioning from motion to visual, interaction and design strategy will be my first focus.


AMD Announces Ryzen 7000 Chips
An Exploration into the (Surprisingly) Bright Future of Stock Footage
App Store Developers Have Earned Over $260 Billion
Armor Games Permanently Switch to a Four-Day Workweek
Brian Eno on NFTs and Automatism
CD Projekt RED Design Director Mateusz Kanik Left After 15 years
China Has Drastically Cut Back on American Movies with No Explanation
Chip Technology, Geopolitics, and the CAD Industry
Chisel targets product managers with new platform, raises $1.5M
Cinematography: ASC Award Nominees Include Belfast, Dune, Power of the Dog
DAOs - the good, the bad and the unknown
Data mesh: What it is and why you should care
Death to Tribal Knowledge
Epic Games Store Generated $840M in Consumer Spending Last Year
Frost Giant Studios Led by Ex-Blizzard Veterans Raised $25 Million
GDC: Game devs focus on unionization, fighting toxicity, and adopting blockchain/metaverse
Herding Cats – Getting Involved in The Wide World of Tech with Kiran Oliver
How to Leverage Being an Introvert for Better Content Creation
Lessons game companies can learn from Unilever’s brand marketing strategies
Line Goes Up - The Problem With NFTs
Meta is developing a record-breaking supercomputer to power the metaverse
Metaphysic, AI startup behind Tom Cruise deepfakes, raises $7.5M
Microsoft Bets on Activision Blizzard in $70 Billion Sale—What Does This Mean for Film and TV?
Microsoft is buying Activision Blizzard
Nexters Acquires Three Mobile Studios for a Total of $100m
Scratchpad, a productivity workspace for Salesforce, raises $33M
SEGA Halts Its NFT-Related Plans due to "Negative Reactions"
Semiconductor industry expected to reach $600B in 2022
SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 51 – Building the Open Metaverse
Softr, a no-code platform for building business apps on Airtable data, raises $13.5M
State of App Development in 2021: Insights from Bitrise
The danger of AI micro-targeting in the metaverse
The metaverse is going backward
The metaverse will be buzzing in 2022
Twitter reports gaming delivered 2.4B tweets in 2021
Virtual reality game studio Alta raises $12.4M
Web 3.0 : The Start of a New Era
Web3 will not replace Contract Law?
Websites to Find a Web3 Job
What 20 years in Silicon Valley’s security sector teaches you about launching a successful startup
Why High-Resolution Doesn’t Matter—Even If Sometimes It Does
Why the metaverse experience isn’t quite a CX revolution yet
You Should Be Worried About Cinema Becoming Content, and Here's Why


‘Wow, that’s a lot of ownership. That is rare for us in visual effects.’
A Closer Look at Texturing in Arcane
AMD Touts Autodesk Inventor on Amazon EC2 G4ad Instances with AMD CPU and GPUs
Behind-The-Scenes Look at How Agent Smith Clones Were Created in 2003
Blueprint For Artists | Unreal Engine
Breaking Down the Three Basics of Cinematography
Breathtaking Landscapes Made by an AI
CES: NVIDIA Unveils Free Version of Omniverse for Creators
Colorist Chat: Envy’s Edwin Metternich
Creating a Victorian-Age Adventurer in Maya, ZBrush & Substance
Developing a Real-Life Mech Suit with Exosapien Technologies
DSLRs Are Dead, and Lenses Are Never Going to Be the Same (Again)
Elden Ring is Designed to Reduce Player Stress
Everything you need to know about masks in After Effects
Everything You Need to Know About Paradox in Literature and Film
FlippedNormals: Comprehensive ZBrush Workflow
Free Generators and Materials for Substance 3D Designer
Hollywood Loves Blackmagic, and Why Every Filmmaker Should Too
How Dying Light 2's Parkour System Was Implemented
How to Make Realistic Hair With Unreal 5
How to use ID maps in Substance 3D Painter
How to Use Motion Capture and Marvelous Designer Data In Maya
How VFX artists got a chance to revisit the ‘Matrix’ foetus fields with even more detail
HTC Unveils VIVE Wrist Tracker For The Focus 3 Headset
In-Depth Course: Advanced Magical FX in Houdini
Learn Color-Managed Workflows for After Effects
Making a Ghibli-Like Scene 100% in Substance 3D Designer
Marilyn Monroe Made with ZBrush, Substance 3D Painter & Maya
Marvel Studio's Loki VFX Breakdown Released
Material Maker 0.98
Maxon Closes Pixologic Acquisition—Accelerates Growth
Photorealistic British Seaside Pub Made With Unreal Engine 5
Procedural Snowflakes Using Shader Graph in Unity
Realistic Neon in Cinema 4D and Redshift
Recreate the Muted, Otherworldly Look of 'Dune' with These Free LUTs
Redshift & Cinema 4d | Understanding Depth of Field and Bokeh
Setting Up Procedural Flower Generators in Blender
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings VFX Breakdown
Simple car morphing animation using geometry nodes [BLENDER 3.0]
Six new character lighting presets for Unreal Engine
Some Buffoons Bought a 'Dune' Book and Mistakenly Thought They Owned the IP
Sony and Epic Games Are Changing Virtual Production, and This Matters to All Filmmakers
Stealing Your Movie Plot Is Actually Pretty Smart (and Original)
Take-Two Acquires Mobile Game Giant Zynga for $12.7 Billion
Technicolor Carries Out Major Restructure Of VFX Brands
The Elder Scrolls VI Might Still Be in Pre-Production
Turbocharging Virtual Production Careers with the Unreal Fellowship
Ultra-Realistic Eyes Movement Animation of Glenn from The Walking Dead
Using Photogrammetry and Unreal Engine to Create a Dark Medieval Scene
VFX Notes: Go behind the scenes of ‘Tenet’
Virtual Production Week 2022
Visual Scripting Tool
Watch DNEG’s VFX breakdown for ‘The Matrix Resurrections’
ZBrush Hard-Surface Mech Tutorial Timelapse
ZBrush Perpetual Customers WIll No Longer Get Free Upgrades


12 Products in 12 Months
A Brief History Of JavaScript
A Guide to React Context
Advanced Git Concepts You Should Know
Awesome Unreal Engine Powered Games of 2022
Backend Frameworks for 2022
Basic Git cheat sheet (yet another)
Best productivity tools for web developers
Breaking of two NPM libraries show that everything isn't right in FOSS ecosystem
Building an open-source command line user interface
Choosing the right backend framework is an art
CHOP Talk 2 Mouse Input
Computer Systems Principles - Cp.2
Create an Asset Tracker Map with Next.js and React Leaflet
Data Science Libraries for Python Developers to Learn in 2022
Drive smarter decision-making with explainable machine learning
Get Started with OpenTelemetry Python: A Practical Guide
How I improved a Node web application perfomance multifold
How to build a Masonry photo gallery using Unsplash API
How to find an Open Source project to contribute to on GitHub?
How To Get Into Technical Writing
How to Improve Your 3D Modeling with Photogrammetry
How to Overcome Your TypeScriptoPhobia
How to predict the future using Python
How to Use Keyboard Input to Drive Animation in Houdini
I Do Not Know Object Oriented Programming!
I show you how to Crack a .NET Application
Intro to AWS Websockets Part Two: Auth
Introduction to Tailwind CSS Framework
Is Angular still relevant in 2022?
K-Pop Band Members Hologram Created in Unreal Engine
Killer Forums You Should Join to Be A Productive Programmer
On-Chain SVG Generation
PHP Frameworks to Use in 2022
React: Conditional rendering
Real-time visualization with React and D3.js
Rust Tips and Tricks
SEO Tricks for Your Brand-New Website
So you want to know about Web Workers?
Software Design
State of the Web: WebAssembly
Streaming Tweets with Go
Svelte All The Things
System Design Guide for Front-end Developers
The Object Orientation Pillars
Throwing around text - Kinetic typography part 2: It defies gravity itself thanks to matter.js!
Trending projects on GitHub for web developers
Turn Visual Studio Code Into A Top-Notch JavaScript IDE With These 25 Extensions
Unreal Engine 5 Early Access game starter kit featuring a small robot
Visual Explanation and Comparison of CSR, SSR, SSG and ISR
Visual Studio Code Extensions
Web scraping tools for data extraction in 2022
What are the differences between Svelte and react.js
What is OpenAPI?
Why CDN matters in your tech stack?
Why We’re Bringing “Google Maps for Code” to Node.js Apps


A year in design mentorship
Algorithms vs Heuristics
Are wireframes dead?
Basic Terminologies used in Database Design
Becoming a freelance designer and where to start
Behavioural design: a lean guide to using psychology and motivation for product teams
Best Practices for Creating Your UX Design Portfolio
Break Into Tech as a Product Designer
Bringing Brand into your Design System
Building a UX design team for the metaverse at ZED RUN
Can you self-teach UX design?
Characteristics of OOP: Polymorphism
Chasing the dream of Fullstack Open Source E-Commerce -> Vue Storefront & Vendure
Daily web design inspirations, January 7
Daily web design inspirations, January 18
Daily web design inspirations, January 24
Design debacles: Inappropriate approaches to product design
Designers shouldn’t learn to code — developers should learn to design
Developer relations teams in 2022
Do Netflix, HBO, Spotify, Twitter, Hulu, Apple and Google, agree with these designers?
Does the 10,000-hour rule work for product designers?
Excessive list of resources for Product Managers
Figma for frontend developer - tool only for designers?
From PoC to MvP
From strategy to execution: When selling a plan is not enough
Fundamentals of Creating a Great UI/UX by Creative Tim
Guide to becoming a senior product designer
Here’s what I learned after a year of going freelance
Heuristic Evaluation
Hey UX Designers: Stop Posting Redundant Advice
How Design Will Impact Companies in 2022 and Beyond
How to capture the attention of executives for your product
How to Perform Usability Testing on Your Enterprise Website
How to prioritize tasks to make an MVP
I quit UX to get better at UX
I Rejected My Dream UX Designer Offer and Here Is Why
I’m grateful for the opportunity, now pay me
Importance of Research in UX
Improve Your Figma Workflow 2022
Improve Your Website Conversions with These Copywriting Tips
Introducing "Everything Open Source" by Mesrenyame
Is Information Architecture dead? With  Abby Covert  | Good Morning UX
Jakob’s Law and How To Use It
Just Call Me ‘Designer’ — The Confusion and Complexity of Design Titles
McDonald’s manipulates its customers
My experience of anxiety whilst working in UX
My product design process – a walkthrough of the Double Diamond UX Design Process
Never forget, there’s an ‘I’ in ‘Designer’
No Stroke of Genius
Organisation-wide design as systems practice
Pivoting your career into UX
Product Design and Management: The Importance of an Agile Team
Product Design Using CIRCLES Method
Product Development Life Cycle
Qualities I’m Looking for in an Entry Level UX Writer
Reflection: Patterns and Flows on Pinterest
Rules of Intelligent Form Design
Software industry competition predictions
Speculative Design and Designed Realities
State of Gambling Design
Stop calling yourself a UX designer
Survive as a UX Team of One
Switching careers to UX design
System Design | Design Scalable Systems
The Art of Letting Go
The Design of API Documentation
The easiest and most difficult decision of my life: moving from Sales into UX
The History of Visual Design
The influence of sound design in UX
The Risks and Rewards of App Modernization
The Schrödinger’s Cat of Product
The UX of Information Design for Better Decision Making
Three characteristics of OOP: Inheritance
To create an excellent design system, treat it like a collaborative process
UI Design Guide for Typography
UX As an SEO Strategy
UX Design Trends 2022
Web Design Trends 2022
What are the toughest communication challenges in software development?
What is Application design?
What is Service Design?
What is the future of UX? With Jesse  Jesse James Garrett  | Good Morning UX
What it takes to get a design system built in 2022
Why does your startup need a design system?
Why introverts make exceptional designers & how leaders can support them
Why Product Development and Design needs Cohesion-Coupling
Why the Product Manager is Secretly Annoyed by You
Win the number game: Strategies for data-driven design
World of Deception
Your one size fits all persona doesn’t work and what to do about it
UX great resignation or re-distribution?

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