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March 1, 2022

Read my article here exploring my views on motion and product design while detailing my rationale for positioning as a visual designer providing technical expertise in building graphic user experiences for interactive products.

In February I dedicated 58 hours researching the fascist network and building the product’s information architecture. Follow my progress exposing the ideology here as I work to empower users to visualize the data.


80 Level Round Table: Forust on Developing and Marketing an Indie Game
Activision Blizzard Earnings Fall Short of Expectations
AMD Spent $2.8 Billion on Development
Amplication Builds Out Open Source Low-Code, No-Code Platform
Annotell raises $24M to develop data labeling tools for autonomous driving systems
Aviron raises $18.5M as it plans to expand its entertainment content
Behind the Best VFX Oscar Nominations
Bored Apes, BuzzFeed and the Battle for the Future of the Internet
Canon Discontinues EF Lenses and Patents Ludicrous Zooms
Companies Face a 37% Chance of Losing IP When Employees Quit
Epic Says Its Epic Games Accounts Cross 500 Million
Ethernal Labs Raises $20M for its Metaverse Gaming Studio
Facebook Gaming Marketing Insights Report
February Digest: Career Opportunities in the Game Industry
Framestore’s Color Team Joins Company 3 Roster
Freelancing - 10 Ways Developers Make Money Coding
Google’s Privacy Changes
Hasura raises $100M to Create GraphQL APIs for Databases
Hideo Kojima Launches His Own Podcast "Radioverse"
How Did This Team Make 'The Tragedy of Macbeth'?
Konami's Revenues Increased by 12%
Lost Ark Has Hit 1.3 Concurrent Players Since Its Recent F2P Launch
Lucasfilm Lynwen Brennan Recipient of VES Award
Mark Zuckerberg’s "Metaverse" Business Lost $3.3 Billion in Q4
Meta Scraps Next-Gen AR/VR Operating System And Reassigns Team
Meta’s VR Division Lost $3.3B on $877M in Revenue in Q4
New Dataset Shows AI Still Lacks Commonsense Reasoning
Nintendo’s 9-Month Sales Drop 6% to $11.52B
Pinterest Is Experimenting With AR Home Decor Shopping
PowerUp Acquisition Raises $250M for Gaming SPAC
Principles of Freelance
Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction' NFTs Are Put On Hold
Raydiant In-Store Digital Signage Lands $30M
RD-Textures Acquired by Epic Games
Roblox Bookings Grow 20% to $770.1M in Q4
SideFX Is Hiring for Multiple Projects
Speech Graphics raises $7M for Lip-Synced Facial Animation
State of Frontend 2022
Supercell Makes $852M on $2.24 Billion in 2021 Revenue
Tech Giants Have Invested Big in The Metaverse
Tech Giants Ruling the World
Tencent Acquires Nightingale Developer Inflexion Games
The Danger of Meta’s New Supercomputer is the Company Behind It
The EU’s Crusade Over Data Collection
Ubisoft Is Expanding La Forge R&D Network Across Five Studios
Unity Beats Expectations with Q4 Revenue of $315.9M, Up 43%
Unity Revenues Grew to $1.1bn While Losses Increased As Well
UX Conference May Announced (May 21 - May 27)
What Digital Twins Are and How They Help
Writing Helped Me Make More Than 10K USD in the Last 2 Years


Behind the Best Cinematography Oscar Nominations
Blender Setup for Creating Various Eyeballs
Cinema Grade Reinvents the Wheel to Make Color Grading More Intuitive
Creating a Post-Apocalyptic Concept Project in Blender and Photoshop
Creating a Retro-Futuristic Car in Blender & 3DCoat
Creating World of Warcraft-Like Diorama in Maya & Marmoset Toolbag
Devcom Art & Animation Summit: An In-Depth Talk on Houdini
Eric Litman Talks Editing The Hot Zone: Anthrax
Fundamentals of a PBR Workflow in Maya
fxpodcast #337: Photorealism for VFX, Visualization and Games
How David Fincher Crafts a Film from Your Obsessions
How Rodeo FX Made Eskel Leshy from ‘The Witcher’
How the Sandworms in ‘Dune’ Were Designed
How to Build an Infected System With Houdini
How to Create Real-Time Facial Animation for MetaHumans
How to Make a Tesla Coil Effect With X-Particles and C4D
How to Make Pen on Paper Effects in Cinema 4D
How to Use Python to Morph a Parametric Cube in C4D
In a World of Mostly Bad Things, Make Something Good
Inside the VFX of the Freeway Battle in ‘No Way Home’
Lost In Space VFX Breakdown Released
Realistic Face Made Using Maya & DeepFace Live
Reallusion’s Character Creator 4 and Digital Humans
Recreating the Athena Statue Using Photogrammetry, ZBrush & Marmoset
Screenwriting Lessons from M. Night Shyamalan
The Role of VFX in Games Explained
Tips to Becoming a Proffesional Lighting Artist
Tutorial: Making an Easy Caustics Effect in Blender
Ultra-Realistic Female Portrait Made in ZBrush & XGen
Unreal Engine Digital Twin Data Visualization
Unreal Engine Fantastic Glass Shader
Unreal Engine Game-Ready Faces Using Photogrammetry
Unreal Engine Helping Design Healthier Spaces
Unreal Engine Metahuman Facial Mocap
Unreal Engine Pixel Art Shaders
Unreal Engine Real-Time Fluid
Unreal Engine Stunning Flying Ice VFX
VFX Firsts: What was the first composite done in Nuke?
VFX Futures: What it’s like to work on the VFX for a Super Bowl spot
Watch Scanline’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ VFX reel


Are you nervous about transitioning from startup to enterprise devops?
Array Data Structures in Javascript
AWS Open Source News and Updates, #99
AWS Open Source News and Updates, #100
Basics of Node.js & Express
Build a Notification Center in React App Using Engagespot
Color Blending with CSS Blend-Modes
Creating Users on DynamoDB with Step Functions
Data Analytics Lens – AWS Well-Architected
Data Structures & Algorithms in JavaScript
Deep Reactivity in Svelte
Design Principles for High Scale Applications
Does Solidity optimizer avoid changing storage variables?
Graphics Programming Weekly - Issue 224
How I Structure React Components
How to Enact a Component Loop in React
How to Generate 3D Facial Animation from Text Using ML
How to Perform Speech-to-Text and Topic Detection with Python
How Contribute to Open Source Projects on GitHub
HTML Basics #1: Elements and Attributes
Industrial IoT Architecture Patterns
Introduction to Python Data Structures and Algorithms
Introduction to Data Structures
Introduction to Modern JavaScript
Introductory Guide To Concurrent Rendering
Kubernetes Ingress Concept and Ingress Controller
Mesmerizing Sheep-Herding Simulation Made with Unity
Optimizing Lists in React - Solving Performance Problems and Anti-Patterns
Pseudo Classes in CSS (:visited)
Python Embedded Functions
React Hooks Explained
Rendering 3D Scenes with Three.js
Rust and Web Assembly
Rust Ownership and Borrowing
Rust Zero-Sized Types
SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Emotions in VR
Stop Installing Node.js and Global Npm Packages
System Design Interview: An Insider's Guide
Template Method Design Pattern
The Anatomy of HTML
The Only React and React Native Template You’ll Need
The Unwritten Svelte Stores Guide
Understanding Layout Positioning with CSS
Understanding Webhooks
Using Custom Cursors with Javascript for a Better User Experience
Virtualization Fundamentals for Containers
Weekly Web Development Resources #109
What are the legality and myths of web scraping?
What is Software Development Methodology?
What is the difference between encryption, hashing and salting?
Why Devs Should Build with Design Systems
Why Linux Is Better For Programming
Why Use Principal Component Analysis?


“I want to be in product when I grow up.” Said No One Ever
App Design Inspiration — #45
Applied Psychology: Gestalt in Design
Archetypes in Design
Backward Design for Product Managers
Becoming a Serial Designer and Idea Explainer
Biomimicry Approach to Designing for Stampedes Prevention
Boxmoji: The Trending New Aesthetic
Branding Digital Products
Computational Design in the Shadow of Modernism
Decision-Making Toolkit for UX and Product Designers
Designers, want business leadership to take you seriously?
Disruptive Product Design, According to Jenine Lurie
Entropy in UX Design
From Architecture to UX Design
Guide for Designing Voice User Interfaces
Historical Instances in Which Data Visualization Saved Humanity
How cheese, snails, Christianity, underwear, and eyeglasses all contributed to the rise of the modern book
How I Became a Self-Taught UX Designer in Hong Kong with No Experience
How I Became a UX Evangelist by Accident
How Product Managers and Product Architects Interact Matters
How to Break-Out of the Grid
How to Get UX Writing Approved by Stakeholders
How UX is like Journalism
Immersive vs. Frictionless: Getting the Experience Right
Introduction to Orchestrating Intelligent Journeys with User Intent Graphs
Job Hunting for a Product Designer Role in Toronto
Keys to Socializing Your UX Work
Learning from My Transition to Content Design
Let’s Talk Design Systems
Majors & Minors to Get into UI/UX
Modular Design Process: A Brief Intro
Must-Read Authors And Their Books On Design
My 15 Years in Building Products
Neuroergonomics: Towards a New Paradigm of Product Design
Not Only Metaverse. UX Trends 2022
Product — Stop Saying “NO”!
Pushed for Quantity, Evaluated on Quality
Redesigning Design Hiring
Relation of Product Design and Management
Running My First Design Club
SEO Tools You Need for Your Next Audit
SEO Writing Techniques Every Writer Needs to Know
Taking Risks Inside the Design Process
The Lean Product Playbook — Achieving Product-Market Fit
The Secret Government Plot of Perforated Products
The UX of Hades: Why we keep running from hell and back
Things Not To Do When Building Your First Product
Types of Professional Roles in UX Design
Understanding Typography: Leading or Line-Height
UX + Data Science = Smarter Decisions
Watching The Olympics In VR Should Not Be This Hard
Wear Your UX Unicorn Badge with Pride
Website Dashboard UI Examples for Design Inspiration — #138
Why I Switched to Figma from Adobe XD
Why is the World Full of “Bad” Design?
Why Product Designers Must Write
Why Product Development Needs to Change With the Times
Why Product Thinking is the Next Big Thing in UX Design
Why You Should Script a Tarantino Movie When Designing Interactions
Words for a New Reality
Your Former Career Gave You UX Superpowers

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