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February 14, 2022

Lunatics, my positioning article is still in process because I have been nerding out to New World. Keep your eyes on my Instagram for a music video to drop.

We have a large amount of interaction design articles compared to interactive and motion. This could be that there is more writing coming out from the interaction design field than other fields. The discipline naturally requires more written analysis. I will be looking for more sources that provide tutorials and technical interactive stuff. Thanks and keep on advancing.


Activision Blizzard hires Disney and Delta execs to be more inclusive and grow revenue
Blizzard chief legal officer leaves the Warcraft publisher
Enthusiast Gaming acquires Addicting Games for $35M
Facebook’s vision of the metaverse has a critical flaw
Holograms and flames: RTFKT reinvents sneakers for the virtual world
Hottest NFT Trends Happening Right Now
Looking into the future of a legal metaverse?
Overwatch executive producer Chacko Sonny is leaving Blizzard
Parsec is now part of Unity
Redshift Now Available as Subscription
Sony withdraws from NAB Show 2021
The DeanBeat: Will the metaverse bring the second coming of Second Life?
The NFT Generative Art Movement Is Challenging How We Think About Value
The Top 30 Most Influential People in The Metaverse
Ubisoft vet Alexandre Parizeau joins Amazon Games’ Montreal studio
Zebedee raises $11.5M for Bitcoin payment systems for games


3D CAD Surface Modelling
Datamosh 2 for After Effects Now Available
Editing Interfaces — Why They’re Important
Ellie: Creating an Anatomically Correct Human in ZBrush & Maya
Explore Procedural Modeling with Designer!
IBM Perfected the Art of the Anti-corporate Corporate Poster
Making a Post-Apocalyptic Knife in 3ds Max, ZBrush & Substance
Maxon Returns with a Double Feature for the September 3D and Motion Design Show
Product Modelling
Storytelling Tips from Billy Wilder
Substance 3D Designer to MARI Workflow
The art of crafting the Ten Rings compound
Twitter Confirms Launch of Bitcoin Tipping


Archviz specialists forma6 present anytime, anywhere with Twinmotion
Computer vision and deep learning provide new ways to detect cyber threats
Delivering personalized marketing experiences for consumer electronics with Unity Forma
Game Design Tips And Tricks
Getting started with 3D content for synthetic data
How Volkswagen Group of America visualizes vehicles for 2030 and beyond
Lidar sensors cruise from self-driving cars to digital twins and the metaverse
Mid-sized companies are turning to low-code/no-code platforms, study finds
One thing you’ll probably leave out of your game’s post-mortem, but shouldn’t
Open-sourcing Common Objects in 3D, a large-scale data set for 3D reconstruction
Starting Up with three.js
Stuck in GPT-3’s waitlist? Try out the AI21 Jurassic-1
The low-code ‘tipping point’ is here
Unity AI 2021 interns: Navigating challenges with robotics
Unity Visual Effect Graph - Sample Projects
Using Sphere Geometry to create different shapes
Visual Studio Code August 2021


8 Best Tools & Resources for UX/UI Designers in 2021
A story of my career change, from Sales to Design.
Are You Even Solving a Problem?
Berlin Start-Up Map — IA redesign
Best Website Dashboard UI Examples for Design Inspiration
Broadening the meaning of Design
Building better leaderboards
Confronting the power designers wield
Crossover Network Effects
Design at Licious
Design Sprints (for) - (IC) Product Designers & UX Generalists
Design's New Wave: 3 young creatives bringing a fresh approach to web design
Designing to make art accessible and exploring the world of AR Design.
Figma Templates for Mobile and Web
Figma Tips to Work Faster
Five Berlin Design Studios to Work With in 2021
Gestalt Principles
How to be a Good User Researcher?
System Usability Scale (SUS) explained
Inclusive Design Handbook: 30 Tools & Tips for a Bright and Accessible Internet
It’s time for tech to retire the myth of the “dead end” individual contributor track
Laws of UX, Every Designer Should Know About.
Learn to Design “Badges” from Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.
Nail the feedback loop
Product Design Reading List
Prominent Universities With UCI/UX Programs in the US
So, I’ve been an associate product designer for a year…
The Art and Science of Product Management
To Developers — Can we improve the handover process?
Top 3 Mobile Onboarding Interaction Design Mistakes
UI Interactions of the Week #280
UX-Maturity Stage 2: Limited
Visual Hierarchy and UX-Design: A Guide
What I wish I knew, when transitioning from academic research to UX research
What is UX/UI design in 2021?
Which UX Role Is Best For Me And What Are They?
Why “Don’t Be Evil” Is Not Enough
Why are hyperlinks blue?
Why Figma Wins
Why minimalism never goes out of style
Why Use Micro-animations in Your Design?
Wireframing Essentials
You aren’t a UX designer unless you can design

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