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February 14, 2022

When I heard discussions on Clubhouse revolving around the concept of metaverse, I knew immediately that I needed to position myself as a product designer for the Bitcoin metaverse. With Facebook officially changing it’s name to Meta, the community with the vision to create censorship resistant sound money should be leading the charge in the creation of a decentralized metaverse. The usual nonsense of blockchain and cryptocurrency and has moved to the tag of metaverse, but that shouldn’t prevent Bitcoiners from participating in the meme and steering it back to the idea of the sovereign individual.


Adobe Max Highlights
Apple M1X Chiplet Officially Introduced
Enthusiast Gaming acquires Addicting Games for $35M
Facebook stops just short of rebranding to ‘The Web’
Facebook to Create 10,000 Metaverse Jobs in the EU
Facebook’s ambitions to be the metaverse
Facebook's New Name Is Meta
Framestore names Stein as chief tech officer
Grappling with monetization in the rapidly developing Indian game market
Hideo Kojima's Book Has Finally Been Released
Maxon's Paul Babb Talks New Releases, Choosing The Right Prices & More
Millennials game on mobile phones more than anything else
Nuke 13.1 Has Been Released in Beta
Processing the Tragic Accident on the Set of 'Rust'
Riot Games and Secret Cinema will launch Arcane as real-life narrative experience
Squid Game is Expected to Generate $891M
Stage11 raises $5.7M to reimagine music for the metaverse
Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain opens Possibility Space, a ‘distributed’ game studio
Unity Gaming Services Launched in Beta
What the metaverse means for brand experiences


3D Motion Show
A Look at 3D Painting in Procreate 5.2 Beta on iPad
EmberGen Gets New Update and Training Sessions
Building a Stone Wall Material in ZBrush & Substance Designer
Creating an Antique-Looking Monobike in 3ds Max & Substance Painter
Creating the Ruger Pistol with 3ds Max, Substance Painter & Marmoset
DIGIC Services showcases animal mocap in this video
Disintegration Effects with Geometry Nodes in Blender 3.0
Dune Director Denis Villeneuve Talks Post and VFX
fxpodcast #331: The state of High End Character Animation
Getting Started With Grooming in Houdini
Getting Started With Realtime U-Render in C4D
Go behind the scenes of that insane Burberry ‘Open Spaces Film’
How to Create Super-Fast Leg Smears With Blender
How to Make a Basic HUD Animation With Xpresso and Python
How to make a trawler sink and a glider fly: ‘No Time To Die’ BTS
How to Make Plants Blow in the Wind With Houdini
How to Make Responsive Auto-Scaling Elements in Ae
How to Model and Render Leather and Stitching in C4D
How to Rig and Animate a Simple Walking Character in Blender
How to Set Up ACES for Redshift in Houdini
How to Use Splines as Cutting Tools in C4D
How to Work With Geometry Nodes Fields to Create a Hexagon World
ILM Webinar: Advanced Water FX in Houdini
It’s 25 years since ‘Dragonheart’; learn the VFX secrets behind the film
JZTrees, a Free Houdini Tool to Create and Simulate Trees
Lucifer: Creating and Animating a Character with Maya, Rokoko & UE4
Modeling a Character Base Mesh: Blocking Out the Forms
New: Autodesk Arnold Renderer v7 – Amplified Rendering Performance
Quantum and Adobe Team for Remote Editing on Premiere
Render Brain is a Free Background Render for After Effects
SideFX Shared a Sneak Peek at Houdini 19
Ten cinematic interiors that could be in a Wes Anderson film
The Last Duel DP Dariusz Wolski on Ridley Scott, VFX and Castles
This Is How You Disorient an Audience
Understanding Groom Fundamentals in 3D
Vehicular Hard-Surface Texturing Using Quixel Mixer
Watch this Squid Game VFX breakdown from Gulliver Studios
What Is Adobe Animate, and What Can You Do With It?
Why a Film’s Opening Title Sequence Matters
Working With Arnold’s User Data String Shader in C4D


80 Level Ratings: Great YouTube Channels On Level Design
8i shows off its real-time holograms
Bringing the World of Vogue Talents to the Metaverse
Creating a Jungle Environment with SpeedTree, Megascans & UE4
Epic Games and Tribeca team up on Unreal Engine films
Epic Games India: NFTs, Blockchain, UE5
Epic Games Kicks Off Education Week 2021
Facebook introduces dataset and benchmarks to make AI more ‘egocentric’
Facebook's XR Investments to Surpass $10M in 2021
Hands-On With The New HTC Vive Flow VR Glasses
HeadGAN: A Neural Network for One-Shot Reenactment
How Aaron Sims Creative made ‘The Eye: Calanthek’ in UE5 in six weeks
How SCAD students are learning to fill real-time's rising demands
Intro to Real-Time Fluid Simulation With Compute Shaders in Unity
Made with Unity: Creating and training a robot digital twin
Magic Leap raises $500M and unveils Magic Leap 2 AR headset for next year
Meow Wolf, Anthos team for multi-cloud app management in art shows
Meta Plans to Reverse Controversial Facebook Account Requirement for Oculus Headsets
Oculus Quest Devs Will Get Speech Recognition, Tracked Keyboard, Hand Interaction Library
Roblox unveils electronic music festival in the metaverse
The 8 factors of multiplayer gamedev in small-scale cooperative games
ThreeJs: An Introduction to 3D Web Apps
Tutorial: Creating Tile-Based Inventory in Unity
Tutorial: Pixel Art Vegetation Wind Shader in Unity
Twinmotion Inspiration Week, day five: Beyond AEC
Twinmotion Inspiration Week, day two: Interiors
Unity ArtEngine Mobile Closed Beta
Unity for Humanity Summit highlights: Imagining a better world with RT3D
Unreal Engine 5’s modeling mode takes shape


21 UX Laws That Inadvertently Influence User Behavior
5 Steps to Build the Perfect Product Strategy
A Definitely Real-Life Front-Interview Experience
A glossary of UX design terms applied to Virtual Reality
Adaptive vs Responsive Design
An introduction to user journey mapping
Difference between User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)
Don’t start writing code
From Bézier curves to balance sheets: navigating the design continuum
Hitchhiker’s guide to UI/UX design (beginner’s edition)
How to create a variant-powered component in Figma
How to design the ultimate 3D virtual web experience
How to unlock design insights faster by mapping ideas: Examples and methods
Laws of UX
Prototyping 101: minimum viable effort
Reflections - What makes a product great?
Sexy and accessible focus state on keyboard navigation
The earliest forms of Information Architecture and what they can teach designers
The Evolution of Google Maps & Colour Picking Methodology
The level 3 of UI/UX design: find the extraordinary UI/UX for your next big app design
The Power of Mapping
Typography: Factors that dictate hierarchy
UX Designer vs. Product Designer: What’s the difference, and which is better?
Website Dashboard UI Examples for Design Inspiration
Why I decided to become an individual contributor after 4 years of people management
Why lean is the only viable development approach in a post-COVID world
Why web design is dead

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