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February 14, 2022

The penultimate month of 2021 is past. It is exciting to get focused on my current projects. There are so many opportunities to apply 3D design to the web. The free literature at the Interaction Design Foundation has been immensely helpful in increasing my understanding of the interaction design process. Let’s work hard this month and set ourselves up to kill it in 2022.


2K Acquired Elite3D
Activision Blizzard employees petition Kotick to step down
Can Inque Reinvent the Magazine?
Cloud Imperium to Launch A New Manchester Studio
Dezeen Awards 2021 Studio Winners
Epic Games acquires Rock Band maker Harmonix
Gala Games talks NFT games, art, and total independence as a superpower
IBC cancels Amsterdam event amidst escalating Covid concerns
Industry Beginner's Guide from Escape Studios
Mark Todd Osborne Added to Colorist Society Board
Metaverse Apps to Generate $3bn in Consumer Spending in 2022
Metaverse thought leaders tout visions at Nvidia GTC event
NVIDIA Omniverse Announced the Winners of Enter the Retroverse
Roblox bookings grow 28% to $637.8M for Q3 2021
State of CSS 2021
Study finds women are ‘invisible’ in visual effects industry
Teaching Artists to Code
The BBC leads again with 11 wins at the RTS Craft and Design Awards 2021
The Developer of Pokémon GO Raises $300 Million
The Modernist on A Decade of Making a Magazine
Thrift Shopping in the Metaverse
Unity acquires Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital
Unity is paying $1.6B for the Weta Digital tools that created Gollum
Unravelling VFX's Gender Problem
Welcome to the Metaverse… whether you like it or not
Why Papa John's Is Breaking With Fast-Food Tradition and Nixing Its Menu Boards
Zuckerberg's Metaverse is Only the Latest Chapter in Big Tech's Relationship with Architecture


10 Screenwriting and Story Tips from Robert McKee
A Realistic Pine Forest Biome Pack for Unreal Engine 4
After Effect's Composition Profiler Introduction
Anatomy of a Main Title: Diego Coutinho on Agents of Chaos Doc
Art Director vs. Copywriter
Building Assets for the Houdini Asset Gallery
C4D Xpresso: Using the Colour Temperature Node
Corona 8 Sneak Peak
Creating a Soviet Roentgenometer in Blender, ZBrush & Fusion 360
Creating a Spooky Vampire Lair in ZBrush, Substance & UE5
Creating Hyper Realistic Fabric Materials in Redshift for C4D
Creating Sova from Valorant with Blender, ZBrush & Marvelous Designer
Creating Weapons for Hunt Showdown
Discover your Complete Photogrammetry Workflow
Epic Games releases Twinmotion 2022.1 in preview
Foundational Visual Effects
fxpodcast #335: Nuke meet Unreal, play nicely.
How to Make Responsive Auto-Scaling Elements in Ae
Go Behind the Scenes of 'Dune' and Its Deserts
HOOOLDESIGN Volumetric Showroom
Houdini Shockwave Tutorial
How mocap suits and accelerometers helped previs the stunts and VFX for ‘No Time To Die’
How to create a depth mask in Arnold
How to make SKIN TEXTURES in Substance Painter
King Richard Director Talks Post, Editing and Tennis VFX
Looping Particles in Houdini for Unreal
Magic Bullet Suite 15.1 – Unreal Engine Support for Magic Bullet Looks
Make a MetaHuman and more with new Unreal Online Learning courses
Making a Mechanical Sloth in Blender & Substance 3D Painter
Making a Mountain Valley Environment in Unreal Engine 4
Making a Procedural Quilt in Substance 3D Designer
Making an Antique Coffee Grinder in Blender, Substance & MT4
Master Procedural Texturing in Blender
Maxon 3D Motion Show November 2021
Multipass Renders with U-Render
Nomad Sculpt: Beginner's Guide Tutorial
PBR Bridge - How To Be Lazy & Focus On Your Art
Pixologic Releases ZBrush 2022
RE:Vision Effects After Effects Plugins Get Speed Increase
Report: time to invest in virtual production skills
SKS: Hard-Surface Texturing in Weapons Art
Substance 3D Livestream 2021
The War of The Worlds: Virtual Production with Unreal Engine
VFX Firsts: NLEs and digital film editing, with Evan Schiff
VFX Futures: The making of SideFX’s new renderer, Karma
VFX Notes: The art of matte painting and invisible VFX with Craig Barron
Watch Rodeo FX’s ‘Shang-Chi’ VFX breakdown
ZBrush brush sets from XMD Source


Animated 3D Ribbons with Three.JS
Build React Three Fiber 3D Scenes
Convert Raster Images to SVG
Dynamic Color Manipulation with CSS Relative Colors
Ed Fries interview — From building games for the original Xbox to investing in gaming startups
Godot 3.4 ships
How JavaScript engines achieve great performance
Interactive Lotus-Shaped Art Installation Moves in Response to Light
Josh Comeau Custom CSS Reset
Make a 3D Spinning Logo with ThreeJs
Making Believable In-Game Horses for Red Dead Redemption 2
Niantic is mapping the world and warns about the future of augmented reality
Nikeland debuts on Roblox as its latest persistent gaming space
OpenAI makes GPT-3 generally available through its API
Property-Based Testing in Javascript
Property-based Testing in Javascript II
Ripple Effect with Three.JS
Solo Artist Turned Game Developer Creates a Game with Real-Time Tools
Tamagui Universal React App Styling
The Creator of ‘Pokémon Go’ is Creating Its Own AR Metaverse
The 8 factors of multiplayer gamedev in small-scale cooperative games


12 useful Figma plug-ins
Aesthetics vs Functionality!
An introduction to the popular term: metaverse
Applying behavioral design to digital products
Be usable, not consistent, not uniform
Best Website Dashboard UI Examples for Design Inspiration — #125
Best Website Designs Of 2021 And What They Have In Common
Beyond Gamification: Why Game Design Is More Important Than Ever
Blog Page Accessibility Deep Dive
Case study: improving your website’s top header
Case study: UX writing at work
Design basics: Gestalt Principles
Design basics: Hick’s Law
Design has always been there.
Do designers belong in open source?
Dubai Expo Map
Facilitation Principles for UX Workshops and User Tests
Feeling new to UX? Five ways to unlock your early career success
Getting started in UX: Creating a portfolio.
Google UX Design Certificate vs IxDF Membership
Habits of great artists worth adopting
How do UX, CX, and Market Research Work Together?
How frustrating or delighting is your design? Let’s understand friction before all
How I found the perfect repository format for myself and my team
How I use automation to quickly transfer my designs from Figma to Webflow
How NOT to do UX
How the DoorDash Merchant design team uses ‘Crit Stickies’
How to animate interfaces in After Effects at the speed of light
How to become friends with personas?
How to build a UX design portfolio that stands out
How to create an audit of the User Interface?
How to review and use a wireframe
How to write effective user experience (UX) research questions
Interaction Design Foundation Bootcamp
Iterate, iterate, (…), and succeed: The importance of iterative design on a product lifecycle
Jeen-Yuhs CTHDRL Case Study
Learning UX Writing Through Daily UX Writing’s 15 Day Challenge: Day 1
PHP and Its Importance
Please Don’t Pay for UX Design Mentorship
Portfolio Presentation for UX Design Internship Interviews
Should you use Flat or Modern Design style?
The Product Management 101 Reading List
The RoadMap for Product (UI/UX) Designers
The Ultimate UX Portfolio Resource Guide
Tiny UI Toggle
Trying No-Code Tools as a Designer
Top Web Design and UI Trends for 2022
Typographic Hierarchy: What is it? How can you use it?
UI Interactions of the week #289
UI vs UX: Wireframing, Prototyping, and Design Thinking
UI/UX Design Trends Of 2022 You Need To Сatch Up To
UI/UX Design: 100% Remote Usability Testing with Maze
Ultimate UX weapons
Understand the difference between UX, UI, Frontend, & Graphic Design jobs.
User vs End-User (with an example)
Using psychology to improve your customers’ experience on your website
UX Writing: Chronicles of Typography
UX Design: Making of user flow
UX design? UI design? Product design? What’s the difference?
Want to become UX designer in 2022? Follow this 3-step formula.
What is Good Design?
What is user experience design: the importance of UX design and why you need it
What Users See Makes the Difference
When to (and not to) build an Ops-first Research Practice
Why do we need a Product Roadmap?
Why web design is dead

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