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Gabriel Vincent Moon
February 14, 2022

Here's what caught my eye in the motion, interactive & interaction design  industries this June. I delved into the world of Clubhouse this month  and have had an extremely positive experience so far. Follow me there.            


A complete guide to the Foundation Secondary Market
A Talk with Computer Graphics Pioneer Ivan Sutherland
Apple v. Epic antitrust trial closing arguments — Judge grills both sides on competition
Behind Sony & NVIDIA's Latest AI Patents For Video Games
Crypto Innovators Matthew Roszak and Dr. Daniel Diemers Join The Immerse Network's Advisory Board
Epic vs Apple: Two Tims to Tango
Experience New Realities With The Tribeca Festival Immersive Lineup
Facebook Acquires Onward Developer Downpour, Working On ‘Future Projects’
Founder of NFT Project DIGITALAX Explains how Web 3.0 Is Enabling Digital Fashion and a Metaverse with Mod Culture
How the rise of hyper-real digital fashion can change the future
How to Build your own Auction House
PleasrDao✨ Genesis: a cartel of $PEEPS that aim to please
Lightforge’s Blizzard And Epic Vets Raise $5 Million For Player-Led RPGs
‘Lil  Nas X Wasn’t Just Their First Virtual Concert, It Was Their First  Concert Ever’: Understanding The Hybrid Future Of Live Events
MCV/DEVELOP's 30 Under 30 2021
Meow Wolf Denver | Opening in 2021
Meow Wolf Denver will open fall 2021 with 450-capacity music venue, locally sourced cafe
Poparazzi photo app blows up by banning selfies
Snapchat bets big on augmented reality's e-commerce future
Ubisoft Launches A Stable Version Of Mixer For Blender
Unearth the Latest in Digital Media With the SIGGRAPH 2021 Virtual Art Gallery
Up and down the Metaverse - Rhizomatiks on synchronicity and multilevel experiences

City Building with OSM Data | Prepare Open Street Map Data
Could Beauty Be Killing Cinema?
Creating a Destructible Building in Houdini & UE4
Designing a French Countryside Scene in Maya & UE4
How to create stylized facial rigs for production in Maya
How to Improve Renders Using a False-Color Technique
Insydium buys Terraform4D
Magick Potions Made 100% In Substance Designer
Making a Procedural Building in Houdini & UE4
Painting with Data | Will MacNeil | OFFF HIVE
Promo Banner Becoming a Great VFX Artist
The Math of Comp: a Free Short Course for Nuke Users
Tinkering with Tradition: Reimagining the Oscar Statuette
Verizon, Canon, RED Among Founding Members of Volumetric Format Association
VFX Legend Doug Trumbull Presents May 4 at FMX 2021

技術解説 Cases and Tips for Immersal|デザイニウム
Augmented Reality Contact Lenses will Empower Vision & Information
Burger King & Rovio Partner On AR Angry Birds Game
Czech cartographers and historians launch unique online atlas of Czech history
Designing a Ghibli-Inspired Windmill in UE4
'Finding Pandora X’ Is Live VR Theater At Its Absolute Finest
Germany’s Largest “Extended Reality” Entertainment Space
HTC Teases Standalone VR Headset With New Visuals
Immersive Web Weekly: Issue #049, May 04, 2021
Inside Gucci and Roblox’s new virtual world
Quick Guide: Interactive Snow in Unity
So, you are thinking about taking a shader class!
Subscapes (Part 1 – Preface)
The Experiences of the Metaverse
The Sandbox to feature Richie Hawtin and deadmau5 in hot new metaverse collaboration
Touchdesigner Project File Pack Vol.2 Free download
TouchDesigner Vol.044 TouchDesigner as an integrated tool in the research scene
Velodyne Lidar and Unity team up to enhance lidar simulation
Visualizing Ethereum
What do creative coding toolkits of the future look like?
Why this college is teaching real-time 3D to the next generation of automotive designers
Will immersive experiences revitalize US malls?

10 Ways to Improve Your Website's Page Speed
7 interesting TED Talks for UX Designers
A to Z of Figma: Tips & Tricks!
Accessibility isn’t sexy… and other myths
Every design is a system
How to Build Smart, Resizable Charts in Figma using Auto Layout
How Vital Are Core Web Vitals?
Making Aim – Impulse Gear On Making PSVR’s Best Controller
Moonpig on innovating during a pandemic, internal empathy and nailing the basics of UX
Rotated 3D Letters and Image Hover Effect
Systematic Design vs Design Systems
The Covid Art Museum
UI/UX Design: Mapping Complex Problems
Unpacking Returnal’s UX design: Gameplay-first UI, retro-futuristic tech, and accessibility
UX & Virtual Reality — Designing for interfaces without Screens
UX lessons I wish I had learned earlier: working with stakeholders
What can we learn about design from Netflix?

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