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February 14, 2022

This month’s focus is on supplementing my portfolio with two interaction design projects. The first, inspired by my growing political awareness, is a product for the exploration of fascist ideology. The second, a visual model for understanding the Bitcoin unspent transaction output landscape. My goal this year is to keep up my social media presence with the processes developed last year to expand my network. I will be reaching out directly to many to share my new work.


A more human web3
An open discussion on how to make more money as a UX designer
CD Projekt & Investors Who Sued the Company Enter Settlement Talks
CES 2022: RTX 3090 Ti Revealed
Chainalysis: After $26.9B in trading, are NFTs poised for a boom or crash?
Design Director Quinn Duffy Left Relic After 24 Years
Designing the Metaverse, 2021 emojis, anatomy of a design system
Figma continues to skyrocket — 63% reported it was their primary UI tool
Finding meaning in the Metaverse
How can a Design Leader design an Org? With Peter Merholz
It’s official: The Motion Awards 2021 winners are out now!
Limitations Are the New Normal
Maxon Announces Plans to Acquire Pixologic
Meta Explains The Inspiration Behind Quest Day
Monograph Grabs New Head of Engineering, Closes Series-B Round
Open source NLP is fueling a new wave of startups
Porsche designs a virtual car just for Gran Turismo 7 video game
Reasons Why a Good Web Design is Important for Your Business
Rockstar Developers Revealed the Details Behind the Cancelled Bully 2
Sony Patents the Route-Building Mechanic from Death Stranding
The 2021 Black List Is Unveiled (What Scripts Did Hollywood Love This Year?)
The Mill Recruits Three New Design & Animation Director
The ten-film shortlist for the VFX Oscar at the 94th Academy Awards
VFX supervisor Kaitlyn Yang on starting a studio, diversity in VFX, and more
What do the Metaverse and Matrix Resurrections have in common?
What’s the ROI of Design?
Why is design so critical for product-led companies?
Why Understanding Business Objectives Is Essential to Good Design
YouTube Removed Dislike Count


‘There’s nothing more psychotic than a character that is super cute but terrifying at the same’
3D Space for Easy Animation Splining and Space Switching
Basic Procedural Feather || Houdini Tutorial
Blender 3.0: Rigging and Animation Features Overview
Colorist Chat: Stephen Nakamura on Look of Tick, Tick… Boom!
Combine These Tools to Craft Better Digital FX
Create art-directable building demolition FX in Houdini
Creating a Stylized Paladin with ZBrush & Substance 3D Painter
Designing a Control Panel in Maya, ZBrush and Substance 3D Painter
Discover how to create complex vegetation for games
Embracing the Suck—Making a Short Film in the COVID Age
Five Tips for Making Your First Film from Lin-Manuel Miranda
Gnomon Guide to Creating a Game Cinematic in Unreal Engine
Guillermo del Toro Suggests What We Should Discover in the New Year
Human: Realistic Portrait Creation With Blender
ILM goes in-depth on its Amazon jungle VFX for ‘Eternals’
Imaginary Forces | “Invasion” Title Sequence for Apple TV+
JustSketchMe: Brand-New Tool to Give Depth to Your Characters
Learn How to Hack Together a DIY Gimbal
Master cinematic production techniques in Unreal Engine
Most Popular Freebies Posts of 2021
Pristine Metals: New Quixel Collection Published
Projects, Workflow & Tools of an Automotive Artist
Proximity Expression in After Effects
Real-time and comp meet: How you can use the new UnrealReader node in Nuke to enhance your real-time renderings
Screenwriting Tips from Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Separation & Compensation Principle in Strikes Animation
Spine 2D Tutorial: Animating Rain | Ripples | Splash
Ten Filmmaking Tips from Wes Anderson
The Horror of 'Suspiria' Is In Its Visual Language
The Quiet Genius of the 'Squid Game' Final Confrontation
The story-telling side of animation at a VFX studio: Weta Digital on the battle sequence in ‘Eternals’
Tools updates you may have missed in December 2021
This Substance 3D Material Generates Embroidered Patches From Images
VFX-related talks to check out at SIGGRAPH Asia 2021
Watch Edgar Wright Break Down His Favorite Scenes in His Career So Far
What Was the French New Wave in Cinema?
Why 'Dune' Was Shot on Digital, Transferred to 35mm, Then Scanned to Digital
Why Make Movies? We Discuss
Why Script Coordinator Is the Most Important Job You've Never Heard Of
Winter 2022 Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About
Working With Blender’s Curve Nodes and Fields
You Can Make a DIY Lens with Great Bokeh Using an Old Projector Lens


A First Look at a VR Version of Cities: Skylines for Meta Quest 2
A New Linux-Powered Work-Oriented VR Headset
A year of #madewithunity for games
Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) - Explained in Plain English
Audio-Reactive Visuals in TouchDesigner For Beginners & Intermediate
Beautify Your Text With CSS Gradients!
Best Open Source alternatives for paid applications
Building an open-source extendable dashboard in Gatsby
Clip-Path Animation
Creating Advanced Trim Sheet Textures for Games
Creating Characters for Baldur's Gate 3
Creating Characters for Diablo II Resurrected
Creating Design Documentation for Games
Creating Procedural Vehicles in Unreal Engine
Dark Souls-Style Fantasy Asset Pack for Unreal
Data Visualization Libraries for Python
Data-driven strategies to spark conversions in 2022
De-identify SQL: Transforming Production Data
Dockerize your Node.js application in a few simple steps
ERC20 and BEP20 Token Generator Script | Auto Gain and Multi-Chain
Exceptions vs error values
For In and For Of in Javascript
Free Photoscanned PBR Props for Unreal Engine
Frontend unit testing
GAN for Blind Face Restoration
Half-Life: Alyx Mod Brings ‘Portal’ To VR
How dark patterns can harm privacy
How I designed an abuse-resistant, fault-tolerant, zero cost, multiplayer online game
How open source is powering data sovereignty and digital autonomy
How to become a Technical Writer
How to Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
How to create a motherf*cking NFT using Solidity
How To: Brand Yourself As A Developer
How VR painting and animation tool Quill helped make this watercolor-like short
How-to Use Static Stability to Design a Resilient Architecture
Introduction to AWS Sagemaker
JavaScript Developer Tips
JSON Formatter - Your Lifesaver
Kickass VS Code Extensions To Make Your Life Easy
Low Code Approach To Design Highly Effective UIs
Making dynamic Twitter header
Megascans Trees Revealed
Mentoring Junior Developers
Meta Shares Oculus Hand Gameplay Sample Project for Unreal
Must have cheat sheet for WEB DEVELOPER
My Favorite Tech Stack for 2022
NFT without a Blockchain. No gas fees. No Eth. No gatekeepers
Open Source Python Projects To Join In 2022!
PHP cheat sheet (updated to PHP 8.1)
Pixelated Distortion Effect with Three.js
Python 3.10 Structural Pattern Matching (Match Case)
Python Data Science Project Ideas (+References)
Python Libraries For Machine Learning
React.js Developer in 2022
Relational VS Non-Relational Databases
Setting Up Character Animations in Far Cry 6
Static Code Analysis - A Beginner's Guide
The Architecture of Web Browsers
The state of pattern matching in Java 17
Top 4 Deep Learning Networks You Should Know
Top 5 User Experience Web Design Trends In 2022
Top 7 Platforms to Master Coding in 2022
Understanding the low-code vs no-code debate
Unfinished Houdini Tools by Simon Verstraete
Using Blueprints to Enhance Your Unreal Engine Scenes
Web Accessibility Cheat Sheet
Web dev and designer tools
What are Pure Functions and Side Effects in JavaScript?
Why Learning To Code Should Be Your 2022 Resolution


2021 UX/Product Writing Recap
2022 Design Trends
2022 UI design trends guide
2022 UX Design Trends
A product manager’s 56 best (and stolen) insights from 2021
Adding a Persistence Effect to Three.js Scenes
Affordance and Signifiers
Applying Color Theory to Digital Displays
Beginner’s Guide to All Things Design — UI, UX, CX & SD (2022)
Behavioral Design Models — Where should you focus your MVP design?
Building with No UX
Case study: User flow uncovering — Upwork
Claymorphism in user interfaces
Claymorphism Tutorial
Coolest Products Made by Low-Volume Production | RCO Engineering
Critical Questions to Ask When Starting a UX Project — Unsolicited redesign
Culture Centered UX Design
Daily web design inspirations, December 21
Daily web design inspirations, December 27
Deconstructing the psychology behind Instagram Reels
Design System Decision Tree
Designing for enterprise search
Disciplines to Study to Become a Better Designer
Do UX designers code? The answer may surprise you.
Enterprise UX Design in Practice
First 90-days as the only Product Manager!
Flaws of Windows 11 UI/UX
Front End Development Guide
Fuck screenreaders! [New Hot Design Trend] Here I come.
Hey designers and engineers, you can be friends
How I've made my digital product
How might we empower UX designers to create ethical designs
How to build your confidence as a UXer
How to Create Data-driven Product Roadmaps, and Avoid the McClane Mentality
How to deal with your design getting harshly rejected
How to Excel as a UXR Co-op at Wayfair
How to Get More UX Job Interviews
How to deal with your design getting harshly rejected
How to Make the Most of User Interviews
How to teach UX when you don’t have enough time
How typographies reveal the history of written communication
How user stories can help make design documentation easier
How Will The Metaverse Impact UX Designers?
How working at Meta changed my understanding of a product designer
How writing for health made me a better UX writer
If You are a UX Designer, How Would You Make ‘Wrinkles’ Become Old-friendly?
Illustrating the Human Factor With Asimov
Incorporating UX Research in agile-based product development
Indispensable UXer: Can You Perfect It?
Infinite Scroll Vs Pagination in UX Design
Information Architecture Still Matters: How to Organize Digital Spaces
Inspirational Websites Roundup #32
Introduction to smart notes: how to take notes efficiently
Leveling Up as a Product Designer
Making the most of your Maze usability tests
Monetization and ethics of video games
My take on Brand Experience & User Experience
My working day: Principal Designer, Kaan Lutfi Caglar
Networking in UX Design
Online Product Marketing Tips
Plain vs simple in product design
Product Design is Never an Individual Work
Product designer vs UX designer — what’s the difference?
Product Management Interview Question: Design [X] for [Y]
Product Page Design Examples and Best Practices in 2022
Psychological Principles of UI/UX Designers
Research and Data Tips for new UX Designers in 2022
Resilience and the UX philosopher
Scientific thinking vs wishful thinking in product design
Self Learning UX Design in 2022
Setting a Product Vision
Stop neglecting your content. It is as vital as your users.
System Design Interviews: A Step-By-Step Guide
Teamleader People, Process and Tools — 2021 in review
The Answer To Every UX Question Ever (2022)
The Blurred Line Between UX and Psychology
The Ethical Implications of UX Dark Patterns
The origins of product design
The Secret of Successful Why User Experience Design Useful For Your Business Work?
Top Product Management and UX Articles of 2021
To design great internal apps, you probably need to do more user research
Translating the IRL Experience to Digital — A Local Store Entering the eCommerce Realm
UI Interactions of the week #294
UX Bootcamps are expensive.
UX Design Process, Principles, And Tools.
UX focus limits design thinking
UX Gamification: Understanding the Left Brain vs Right Brain to gain and retain user
UX great resignation or re-distribution?
Ways To Validate Your MVP With Quantitative Tests
Web Design Inspiration — Marketing Websites — #132
What A Product-ive Day!: How I Met This World
What can UX Designers learn from Stand-up comedy?
What Can UX Designers Learn From The Uniquely Japanese Concept of Omotenashi?
What Does a Product Designer Actually Do?
What is a Product Strategy Framework and Why Do You Need One?
What is a Product Tree and How Does it Help Product Teams?
What is Object-oriented UX (OOUX?)
What is Product Design
What Is Usability Testing, And Do You Need It?
What UX Tools and Techniques Does Facebook Use?
When “Better” UX Research Questions Are Still Bad
Why Creating User Personas Is Crucial to UX Success
Why Deliberate Inconvenience Could Play a Part in Product Design
Why Designers Should Document Their Efforts
Why I left UX Design
Why UX Is the Best SEO Strategy
Wild Thing — Identifying Wild Fruits And Flowers. UX Case Study
Working with Fluid Typography in webflow
XDX is replacing UX.
Your key to success as a UX beginner: UX Research

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