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February 14, 2022

Lunatics, hit up the Siggraph courses, research papers and watch the Maxon 3D and Motion Design Show’s FUI presentations below.  

My positioning article requires me to take a deeper look at the fields of interaction design and immersive experience. While telling my personal journey in design, I want it to be a resource for motion designers interested in following a similar trajectory. Follow me on Twitter to be the first to read the article when it drops in September.


Apple Pays $100M to Settle Developer Lawsuit Agrees to App Store Changes
Can the Metaverse Thrive If It’s Fully Owned by Facebook?
Cream Finance - REKT
Diablo 4 director has left Blizzard, the company confirms
Facebook Connect Conference Returns This October
SIGGRAPH 2021 Courses
SIGGRAPH 2021 Highlights
SIGGRAPH 2021 Year of the Metaverse Part I
SIGGRAPH 2021 Year of the Metaverse Part II
SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Meet the Computer Animation Festival Winners
State agency accuses Activision Blizzard of shredding HR records
Television Academy Announces Juried Winners for 73rd Emmy Awards
The Metaverse is Chaos
The metaverse will not look the way Facebook imagines it
Webflow No-Code Conf 2021
Why the Metaverse Needs to Be Open


3D Motion Show // August 2021
5 Types of Symmetry In Cinema 4D
AMD USD Hydra Plug-in for Blender Overview
Autodesk Overhauls Maya User Experience
Close all polygon holes on an object in one go in Cinema 4D
Comparing ACES Workflow in C4D With Redshift
Creating a Japanese Pagoda in ZBrush, Substance & V-Ray
Designing a Glass Material in Substance Designer & Marmoset
Designing and Animating a Demon in ZBrush, Substance & Ziva
fxpodcast #328: How viable is Virtual Production?
Good Boy Ninja - Software for Motion Designers
Houdini Villiaumite Crystal Tutorial
How they brought back Luke Skywalker for ‘The Mandalorian’
How This Filmmaker Used Unreal Assets to Tell an Incredible Story
How to Create Rig Controllers in Maya
How We Made a Film Remotely (And It’s Not Another Zoom Film)
How will motion design evolve in a post-pandemic world?
Lego factory with Geometry Nodes?
Low-Code No-Code Technology Summit
MakersPlace raises $30M for NFT digital art marketplace
Master the art of grooming CG hair in XGen
Maya: Bifrost Graph Arrows
New Adobe R&D lets you edit 3D models via brush strokes
Project Breakdown with Guto Terni & Vinicius Costa
Redshift 3.0.51 Gets a New UI Design
Scanline’s ‘Free Guy’ VFX Breakdown
SIGGRAPH 2021 Predicts the Future of Content Production
Simple 3D Modeling Tips in Cinema 4D
Teaching Virtual Production in Unreal Engine
Three Ways to Make Your Camera Disappear in a Mirror Shot
Using ZBrush+Substance Designer Combo to Create a Brick Material
VFX Chat: Armen Kevorkian on VFX Supervising and Directing
VFX Futures: Facial capture, CG and cut scenes on Codemasters’ ‘F1 2021’
VFX Futures: How do you edit a live action/CG hybrid film?
Watch the Power Behind 3D Coat’s New Sculpting Brush Engine
Webinar: The Next Step in Virtual Production
What Can 200 Action Cams Do for Creating a Film in 3D Space?
What We Learned from David Lowery's 'Green Knight' AMA
Why Animators are Ditching DCCs for Game Engines
Writing Advice from Neil Gaiman
Yoshitaka Amano, Kazuko Shibuya - from paper to pixel


Aggregate Data Using the Int/StringDict & Table objects in Processing
Become A VR Fashion Icon With This Exclusive Avatar Clothing
Chasing nDreams: A Veteran's Journey Along VR's Rocky Path
Exploring Nature as a Resource in Virtual Reality
Facebook Launches Open Beta For Its VR Meeting Platform
Facebook makes VR gaming more social, slaps 3-D eyes onto headsets
Full Body VR Controller AXIS Launches Kickstarter
Level Design in Unity: Witch’s Cauldron
NOITOM IN MOTION EP.3 Anna - 2for2
Mondly Brings Language Training To Oculus Quest Next Week
Must-have Unity Mega Bundles to become a prototyping powerhouse
New VR Games August 2021: All The Biggest Releases
Principal Designer Sought by Adobe
Setting Up Dynamic Lighting & Shadows in 2D Games
Unreal Scholarship -
VR experiences worth leaving home for
Why AR clothing try-on is nearly here


11 Common UX Mistakes That Every Designer Should Know
13 UX principles from an IT and DevOps perspective
CSS - Basics To Advanced for front end development
Guide to the best Feedback form design in web apps with examples
Mastering The Complete Agile Scrum Master Workshop
I Want My Products to be Verbs
Learn JavaScript from Scratch: The Ultimate Beginners Course
OpenSea UX Case Study
Rethinking Portfolio: People hate redesigns, VFX animations, UI spacing rules
The Death of UX/UI Designers
The feature that I long for in online meet applications
The UX of electronic synthesizers, unicode arrows, design leadership
UI Interactions of the week #274
Unreal Engine Improves OpenXR Support, Now Production-Ready
Why you need to understand code as a UX designer

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