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Gabriel Vincent Moon
February 14, 2022

This June was spent considering my positioning as a designer at the intersection of motion, interactive and interaction design. I love how closely interaction design follows fundamental graphic design principles. Restricting yourself to a particular medium is limiting. As designers we need to provide the client with the best possible solution to their problem. A thorough exploration of current & emerging design technologies is required. This idea has been my primary motivation to position myself in a generalist role.

There is a great group of links this week:

2021 Core77 Design Awards Interaction Honorees
2021 Peace Motion Graphics Competition Opens for Submissions
BREONNA'S GARDEN celebrates memory at Tribeca
Can an NFT Artist Sell Virtually the Same Work More Than Once?
Christie’s Presents Proof of Sovereignty
Facebook just bought the Fortnite of VR
Favorite Games of E3 2021
Historic demand leads to a 39% increase in GPU shipments in Q1 2021
How Flash games shaped the video game industry
Magic Leap Announces Partnership with AMD
Metaverse Weekly June 13
Nominations for the Media Architecture Awards: Spatial Media Art
Parsons & Yellowbrick Launch Two New Programs
Shopify Is Expanding Its Augmented Reality Ecosystem
SIGGRAPH Offers Glimpse at Speakers for Its Virtual Conference
Sotheby's selling first non-fungible token
Stella Artois Gallops Into The Metaverse With Horse Racing NFTs
Tribeca Immersive Awesome List 2021
Unity for Humanity creators featured at Cannes XR & XR3
V-Ray 5 for Houdini Update 1 introduces V-Ray for Solaris
View USD files inside Windows with this free shell extension
Wizards of OSS: Industry perspectives on open source software

Houdini Algorithmic Live #055 - Turbulence Morphing
How to create realistic perspective motion blur in Photoshop
How to Take Scenes From C4D to Unreal Engine 5
Inside Unreal: Motion Warping and Full-Body IK
J Cube Releases Multiverse USD 6.7 Adding USD Blend Shapes
Making a Realistic-Looking Portrait in ZBrush & Marmoset Toolbag
Marvelous Designer 10 - How to Create Mittens
Procedural Machine Learning 'Synthetic Arabidopsis'
Questions with FEAR Cinematographer Jimmy Matlosz
Recreate the Epic Explosion Scene from Independence Day in Houdini
Robotics Firm Makes Lookalike Avatars
Simple Rope Wrap from SideFX Labs Available
Steal Like an Animator
This Guy Bends Time and Space in Slow Motion
Visual effects behind ‘A Quiet Place Part II’

Algorithm creates realistic video from a single photo
Audio Data Visualization in TouchDesigner
Audio Reactive Visuals with Code
Bitsy games
Computing a feedback system
Decision forests in TensorFlow
Film Combines Reinforcement Learning with Immersive Storytelling
Interactive visualization of Gaussian processes
Mixed Reality Design for Game Designers
Must Known Techniques for text preprocessing in NLP
Promise and limitations of machine programming tools
Quantizers in time data series
TouchDesigner Insession June 4th 2021
TouchDesigner Vol.045 Data Visualization in TouchDesigner
Tribeca Immersive Diary 2021

Are you prepared for the future of UX hiring?
Client-Side Routing In Next.js
Dynamic wireframe: Vue.js + Vuetify
Graphic Design for Game Inventors
How I use grids to improve visual hierarchy?
I Can’t Code. Can I Still Create Products?
I helped pioneer UX design. What I see today disturbs me
The Design Industry Is Broken
The Difference Between Product Designers And UX Designers
UI Design Hacks for Web Developers

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