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February 14, 2022

Here's what caught my eye in the motion, interactive & interaction design industries this April. I got crazy and sold a few NFTs. Read about my experience selling on H&N.  

A new Google Patent Focuses on Smart Garments working in Sync with Ride-Sharing apps
An Easy Way to Create Voxels Using Volumes in C4D
Apple's 2022 iPhones Could Get 8K Video, 48MP Sensor
Art Directors Guild Awards Winners List
Authentic Artists Launches Groundbreaking Platform for Virtual Artists
Cairotronica Festival to kick off 3rd edition under 'Data Fiction' theme
Charles Geschke, Co-Creator of PDF and Photoshop, Dies At 81
Chicago artists create world's 1st immersive NFT installation connecting digital, physical space
CryptoPunks explained: 10 things about the first NFTs
Cryptopunks, the NFTs that started it all. Their origin story and future plans.
Facebook Is Testing Hotline, a Clubhouse Clone With Added Video
Flash is dead. These games from the early 2000s hope to live on.
Generating Community
George Clanton on vaporwave, VR festivals and fostering democratic music culture and NFTs on the Tezos Blockchain ~ What’s new ~ April 2021 Mega Update
HQGE’s Big M Entertainment Pictures Releases Multiple NFT Collections on Mega NFT Marketplace OpenSea
I Use Motion Smoothing on My TV—and Maybe You Should Too
Inside ‘Justice League’ with the Cinematographer Who Shot and Fought for Zack Snyder’s Version
International Olympic Committee makes landmark move into virtual sports by announcing first-ever Olympic Virtual Series
Join Unity Pulse, the community at the heart of building a better Unity
Maxon Announces Cinema 4D S24
Maxon Unveils a New Corporate Identity
Metaverse: The next big digital media theme
NFT artwork includes physical house in California Dezeen
NFTs will usher in a "creative and artistic renaissance" say designers
Olympics goes virtual in bid to capture esports audience
RealTime Conference Announces Full Spring Lineup
Scanimate: The granddaddy of realtime motion graphics
Snowed Inn: Making an Environment in GoT-Style
The 2021 Motion Awards - Celebrating the full breadth of motion design
The Sandbox Attracts Partners to build Virtual Lands in its NFT Metaverse
Theta network bring 'real time' NFTs to World Poker Tour
This Entrepreneur Is Disrupting How You Can Hold Your Next Virtual Event With Her 25,000 Square-Foot Production Studio
TigerGraph's Graph + AI Summit 2021
What is Epic Games' Metaverse, and Is It Worth Billions?
Writer Chris Terrio Calls the Theatrical 'Justice League' an Act of Vandalism

5 Cinematography Techniques for Lighting for Darkness
8 Great Filmmaking Lessons from 'The Snyder Cut'
Animatics for Indie Filmmakers with Unreal Engine
Building a Flowmap Shader in Blender using Flowmap Data from Houdini
Character Rigging in Maya for Game Production
Creating a Realistic Captain in ZBrush & Marvelous Designer
Discover how to match a stylized concept in ZBrush
Greyscalegorilla Launches Cloud-Based 'Greyscalegorilla Plus' Creative Subscription Platform
How ‘Mank’ Cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt Illuminated a Monochrome Palette
How to Become a World-Class Camera Operator and DP Without Waiting Your Whole Life
How to Animate Shuffling Cards in Blender
How to Use Already Existing Shortcuts in AE to Change Any Value
Making a Beautiful Pond in ZBrush & UE4
Making a Japanese-Sci-Fi Material in Substance Designer
Making a Stylized Sword in Substance & Blender
Maxon Announces Redshift for macOS Including Native Support for M1-Powered Macs
Maxon Reveals Lineup for April 3D & Motion Design Show
Modeling and Rendering a Realistic Lightbulb With C4D and Octane
Laubwerk Plants Kit 16 – Temperate Topiary Trees + Update to Player and SurfaceSPREAD
Scale, Light, and Form: Finding Creative Inspiration in Architecture
Texturing a Post-Apocalyptic Car in Substance Painter
The Blender Foundation unveils Cycles X
Wayside: Making a Country Store in Substance & UE4
What Was the Advice David Fincher Gave Aaron Sorkin?

27 JavaScript experts to follow on Twitter
3D imaging creates molecular maps of hidden microbial communities on coral reefs
7 Principles To Be Invincible In The Data Science World
Artistic exploration of space, machine: Refik Anadol in Istanbul
Bizarre Real-Time FMV Horror Game Created By Jim Henson Creature Shop
Create Beautiful Art from Your Personal Data
Cooperative Action/Horror Game ‘GTFO’ Now Available In VR
Craig Taylor—Outlier 2021—3D Geo Data Viz: From Insight to Data Art
Creating Environments Using Unity's AI-Assisted Creation Tools
Epic Games: Build stunning, real-time car configurators with Unreal Engine
Face Tracker - Notch Reference Manual
Found in translation uses machine learning to show language's similarities
Iconic NYC building to integrate largest US installation of interactive LED glass
Insects come to life with new imaging tech from Imperial College London
Learn to design video games by mastering the Unity Engine
Moves by Maxon Update Now Available
New Media Gallery’s Alarming Art Machines | The Tyee
New tools released for precise 3D-printing of living cells
Nextech AR chosen as official digital experience platform for UK hybrid event through Mash Media partnership
Now you can create meta-humans using Epic Games’ new tool
Paradise Lost: Creating 2 Types of Environments
Piepacker, The New Social Gaming Platform with Video Chat, Announces Publisher Partners
SCAD introduces new backlot, XR stage at Savannah Film Studios; first of its kind in Southeast
Self-guided immersive experience unveiled in Melbourne
Swedish Dev Auctioning Off One-Of-A-Kind NFT VR Studio
The Anooki Deliver Environmental Message in Qatar with Projection-Mapped Show
The Design Behind 'Cubism's' Hand-tracking – Road to VR
The Elon Musk Twitter Graph — Graph Mining with just a few lines of code
This AI Makes Beautiful Videos From Your Images! 🌊
Towards Real-Time AI Humans With Neural Lumigraph Rendering
Unfolding Shrines is some of the most ambitious augmented reality art we have seen in the last year
Vogue Uses Augmented Reality to Help Latest Cover Star Shine
Why Immersive art installations can be deceiving in Denver

10 Psychological rules I used to make users love at first sight
6 Tips for Making Customer Insights Actionable
7 Figma Plugins that Save Your Time
An Exploratory Study on the Impact of Collective Immersion on Learning and Learning Experience
Android: 12 years of design history
Augmented reality for children with dyslexia
Clubhouse: Why Has It Taken Off?
Creating Interactive Visualizations using Plotly in Python
Embrace imperfection to design with character
Getting started with visual hierarchy in design
How is AI-centered product design different?
How Netflix’s binary rating system is hurting our documentaries
How to Speed Up Your Decision Making With Data
How to Use Google’s NLP API to Analyze and Produce Better Content
How we designed recommendations to simplify decision-making
If these walls could talk
Improving Valorant E-Sports Experience — UI/UX Case Study
Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority and Samsung Partner to Unveil the Largest Digital Experience
Law of diminishing returns, design and decision making
Majority of websites currently fail to meet in Google's Core Web Vitals user experience requirements
MakeMyTrip Designers On Setting Up And Scaling An Immersive Design System
Moving From Rigid Experiences to a Fluid Multiverse
My Senior Designer explains the UX Junior to Senior Career Ladder : How Do You Grow?
Principles of web design
Prototyping interactions between physical and visual interfaces
Reaching Your Site or App Destination with a UX Road Map
Say Goodbye to Cookies
The 5 Lessons I Learned Switching to a UX Career
The Role of The Scientific Method & Intuition in UX
This Apple AR patent could turn any surface into a touchscreen
To add is expected, to subtract is design
Unlabeled Icons: Sacrificing Usability for Aesthetics
Virtualizing Design Sprint and UX Workshops
What did I learn from getting the equivalent of a BA in just over one month, for less than USD$ 40?
Why next-gen consoles need next-gen faces
Will UX metrics ever become high-level business metrics?

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